Wistiki - useful for finding keys, handbag, wallet, smartphone…

If you hook on a Wistiki to your keys, many features will enable you to find them quickly using your smartphone or tablet in various situations.

First, you can make them ring using the Wistiki app if you are up to a 50m range from your keys. If your keys are hidden under an object or behind an obstacle, you can find them very quickly by making  them ring.


If you are in a noisy atmosphere, you are also able to use the Wistiki radar which shows you if you are getting closer to your keys. If you are looking for your keys at the cinema, or in a noisy bar, …the Wistiki radar will guide you quickly to where your keys are y a hot/cold system.


If you get further away from your keys, your Smartphone memorizes the GPS location of where you left them.  If you don’t remember if you left your keys at home, at friends’ or inside your car, the Wistiki app remembers it for you thanks to its geolocalisation card.


You can also activate the electronic leash feature which alerts you when you get far away from your Wistiki.


Sometimes, it’s our Smartphone we’d like to find quickly…And yes, it also works the other way ! Press on one fo your Wistikis to make your smartphone ring, and you’ll fin dit quickly also even if it’s in the silent mode !

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