Can Wistiki help fight against theft ?

Initially, Wistiki’s concept was to fight against lost items.

We do not recommend Wistiki to fight against theft.

However, it is possible to misuse Wistiki thanks to its following features (we remind you that we do not guaranty the efficience of Wistiki in the case of a theft) :


You can activate the electronic leash whch enables your smartphone to warn you you when Wistiki is more than 50m away from your smartphone.


When Wistiki leaves the 50m range, your smartphone will save its GPS location.

You are then able to know the location it was last time you were next to the Wistiki, but it is not a real time GPS tag.

So if your Wistiki is stolen, this location will be useless to find it.


However, a community feature is available enables you to in case you would like to know the real time location of your Wistiki :

If a Wistiki user passes by your Wistiki, you will receive its GPS location. This location is automatically and anonymously sent to you by the Wister’s smartphone onto your smartphone when he passes by your Wistiki.

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