Is Wistiki a GPS tag ?

When your smartphone is next to your Wistiki, the location indicated on the Wistiki map corresponds to the location of your Wistiki.

As you get further away from your Wistiki, the smartphone will save its GPS location. The Wistiki app will then behave as a safety memory that remembers where you left your items and indicates them on the Wistiki map.

But we are not talking here about a real time GPS tag.


We have thought of putting in place 2 community features in case you would like to know your Wistiki’s real time location :


  1. If a Wistiki user passes by your Wistiki, you will receive its GPS location. This location is automatically and anonymously sent to you by the Wister’s smartphone onto your smartphone when he passes by your Wistiki.
  2. A person who finds your Wistiki will need to download the Wistiki app to get in touch with you using the instant chat. The chats are annymous and your contact information are not revealed.

You can then be contacted by anyone who finds your lost Wistiki !

These 2 community features are particularly useful to find your lost Wistiki when it’s moving places (items lost on a train, a taxi…).

We are therefore building a community of hundreds of thousands of users so that the community features are more efficient.

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