Adding a Wistiki when being surrounded by other Bluetooth devices

Some measures to take to add your Wistiki is done in the best conditions :


  1. Only add one Wistiki at a time. Particularly, if you have multiple Wistikis to add, do not insert the battery in a Wistiki before having added them to your smartphone list.


  1. In the presence of other Wistiki devices or other smartphones connected to the Wistiki app, we advise you to go through the adding procedure of your Wistiki standing away from other Wistikis (>50m) or smartphones.


If adding your Wistiki ends with an error message displaying, we invite you to start the adding procedure over again while checking if you are indeed following the 2 measures stated above.


Of course, once your Wistikis are added to your smartphone successfully, the presence of other devices (several dozens) does not disrupt the functioning of your connected Wistikis.

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