Compatibility using IOS

Wistiki has developed its product using the Bluetooth Low Energy technology (Bluetooth 4.0).

It is the use of this technology that allows the innovation of Wistiki. You must therefore add your Wistikis from a device equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy.


Here is a list of the iOS Wistiki technology-compatible devices :

-iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+

-iPad 3, 4, Air, mini


If your device is an iPad 2 or an earlier version of the iPad, or an iPhone 4 or an earlier version of the iPhone, it will not be able to support the Wistiki technology.

Indeed, the new Bluetooth Low Energy technology wasn't integrated in these devices when they were manufactured.


How do I know the name of my iOS device ?


You have to enter the system Settings>General>information on the "Model" line.
If you enter the displayed code (example : ME434F/A) into your search engine, you will then know the name of your device (example : iPhone 5S).


Note : in order to download and use the Wistiki app on an compatible iOS device, it must run on iOS7 or iOS8.


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