GPS location is wrong or imprecise

The GPS location displayed on the map of the Wistiki app corresponds to the location of the Wistiki when it was last near your Smartphone.


Tip for improving GPS precision : The geo-localization will be more precise if you activate your Wi-fi.

Even if you're not connected to a Wi-fi terminal, the activation of the Wi-fi on your Smartphone improves your Wistikis' geo-localization.


GPS position is wrong : We remind you that, to get the best from the service provided by the Wistiki app, the app must be open or minimized. If you de-activate the Bluetooth or close the app (go to the app center and slide the window to the side), your smartphone will no longer be connected to your Wistikis, and the position of your Wistiki on the map will be erroneous if your Wistiki has been moved.

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