I can't add my Wisitiki

If the adding procedure of your Wistiki fails although you've been following the downloading, registering & starting up your Wistiki instructions, don’t worry ! We will guide you, so that your Wistiki will be added in the right conditions.


Case 1 : When you press "continue" when trying to add a Wistiki, an error message appears, and no Wistiki is added in the "My Wistikis" list.


We advise you to :


  1. Close the app (double-click on the home button, then slide the Wistiki app upwards).
  2. Delete the affected Wistiki in the Bluetooth settings of your iPhone or iPad (if the affected Wistiki does appear in the Bluetooth Settings). In order to do that, enter the Settings>Bluetooth then click on the "i" (information) next to the affected Wistiki, and click on "Forget this device".
  3. Open the Wistiki app and start the adding procedure over.


If the problem persists more than three times, it means your environment is disrupting your Smartphone during the adding procedure. The solution to this lies here.


Case 2 :  You wish to add a Wistiki that has already been added (reconnection of the Wistiki, post-changing the battery)

In this case, the Wistiki appears in your "My Wistikis" list, but you cannot make it ring when it's nearby. The solution to this lies here.

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