Replacing battery

Place the battery on the hatch, in such a way that you can see the + side of the battery and the + side of the hatch simultaneously ("+" engraved in the right corner of the hatch), then insert the whole thing in the casing. You will then hear your Wistiki  beep twice.


Note : If you insert the battery after having ejected it from the casing, you will have to wait 10 seconds before inserting it again.


How to open the hatch :

To open the hatch, we advise that you place your nail in the hole closest to the button. You will feel a cavity that will be your grip to open the hatch.


Why is the hatch so hard to open ?

If the hatch was to open by accident (impact or drop), you would lose connection to the Smartphone and wouldn't be able to find your Wistiki thanks to your Smartphone !


While conceiving the Wistiki, we focused our work on the sealing of the hatch, so that it wouldn't open in the event of a fall or tremor.

You are thus guaranteed that your Wistiki won't disconnect, even if the Wistiki suffers an impact.

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