Wistiki – useful for finding my car ?

Here is a recap of Wistiki’s advantages when you place the connected accessory in your car :


When leaving more than 50m from your car, the smartphone will save the GPS location. You can then consult the location where you parked on the Wistiki map. But it isn’t a real time GPS tag. Therefore, if your car gets stolen, this location will be useless to find your car.


However, a community feature enables you to in case you would like to know the location of your moving car :

If a Wistiki user passes by your car, you will receive the GPS location of your car. This location is automatically and anonymously sent to you by the Wister’s smartphone onto your smartphone when he passes by your car.


This community aspect is particularly useful to localise your car in movement. We are therefore building a community of hundreds of thousands of users so that the community features are more efficient.

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