Ringtone functioning and volume

Making the smartphone ring :


When your Wistiki is within your smartphone's Bluetooth range, you can make your smartphone ring by keeping your finger pressed on the Wistiki's button.


The volume of the Smartphone's ringtone is adjustable on the side of your smartphone or tablet.

If the volume of your smartphone is at its maximum, the smartphone will ring very loudly.

If the volume of your smartphone is at its minimum, the smartphone won't ring very loudly.


Note: if your smartphone is on silent mode, you will still be able to make it ring using your  Wistiki !


Making the Wistiki ring :


To activate the ringing of the Wistiki, press the "ring" button (music note pictogram)


While the Wistiki rings, a little radar appears around the button. It is a circle divided into four parts. The more of these four parts are coloured in, the nearer you are from your Wistiki. This will allow you to get close to the item you're looking for in a noisy environment.


To stop the ringing of the Wistiki, you must press the button again, or wait 20 seconds for the ringing to stop automatically.


When your Smartphone is out of the Wistiki's Bluetooth range, you cannot make the Wistiki ring. The "ring" button will then be inactive, shrouded in white.


Concerning the Wistiki's ringtone volume, we have worked several months for the Wistiki to ring the loudest possible, while bearing in mind our constraint to miniaturize the product.

In the case where a Wistiki is located in a noisy environment, we have set up the "Wistiki radar" functionality (described before), allowing you to get closer to the Wistiki.


Note: The sound frequency (more or less high-pitched) coming from the Wistiki cannot be modified.

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